A Few Of My Favorite Things (Part 1)

This is the first of a two-part list of my favorite things happening in the world of science fiction. In part two, I'll be posting a list of some of my favorite fiction from last year written by other people. This post is ALL ABOUT ME!


Okay, it's not all about *my* fiction, but it is about projects that I was lucky to be involved with in various ways, and that I'm really excited about.

1. First up, Artemis Rising 2, a showcase of short fiction authored by women and non-binary gendered persons. This was a joint effort across the Escape Artists podcasts (Escape Pod, Podcastle, and Pseuodpod). I was lucky to be the primary submissions reader for this special month of Escape Pod. We had lots of fantastic entries, and the first one is available now. We also have a gorgeous piece of artwork to go with it by the inimitable Galen Dara. 

2. Lightspeed Magazine's People of Color Destroy Science Fiction! This is the third in line of Lightspeed's excellent special issues, the first two highlighting, respectively, women and queers. The "destroy" is, of course, being used tongue in cheek to highlight certain negative attitudes that still linger in genre fiction. I wrote a personal essay for the kickstarter effort that will be appearing in the special issue, and I'll have a piece of flash fiction in there as well. I hope you'll consider supporting this project. The previous issues this series have featured some amazing writing and editing, and I'm sure this one will live up to the same high standards.

3. My first standalone book (a novella - aka a short novel) will be appearing from Tor.com Publishing in May of this year. Runtime is a near-future science fiction story, but the imprint covers a range of sub-genres from epic fantasy to steampunk to alternate history and more. I encourage you to check out some of the other books from this line - I am humbled and honored to be included in such great company!

4. My awards eligibility for 2015. For completeness: 2015 is my second year of eligibility for the John Campbell new writer award. My publications over the past two years total three pieces of fiction, two in Daily Science Fiction, and one in Nature. Two of those are from 2015 and are eligible for the Nebula and Hugo awards (you can find links here). I'm throwing this in here for completeness, and while I would love be nominated for anything (who wouldn't?), I can think of quite a few of my peers who are way more deserving, especially for the Campbell. Stay tuned for that in Part 2!