Binaries: Free to read on Lightspeed Magazine's website!

Quick post for those following along via feeds: my very short (flash) fiction piece about family, posthumans, and powers of 2 is now up on Lightspeed Magazine: Binaries by S.B. Divya. It's also appearing in print and ebook in their special issue, People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction! 

Please consider buying - and reading! - this issue as a show of solidarity against movements like the Rabid Puppies, who think that the only reason non-white, non-male authors are winning awards these days is because of "affirmative action" voting rather than their skill at storytelling and writing.

The issue collects a ton of great flash-length and full-length short stories, as well as a series of personal essays by speculative fiction authors who identify as non-European-white ethnicity, i.e., people of colo(u)r - and all for $3.99 for the ebook!

This fiction is written for the world at large. It does not speak only to the PoC experience, nor do you need to be a PoC to appreciate these stories and essays. I hope you will give a chance.