My Award Eligibility for 2016

It's that awkward time of year for published authors in genre fiction. The Nebula and Hugo Awards are open for nominations. After having a reader be incredibly generous enough to buy a WorldCon membership to nominate Binaries, I felt that I would be remiss not to make this post. 

All of my stories from 2016 are eligible for the Nebulas and the Hugos. I am no longer eligible for the Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

Foremost for your consideration, in the Novella Category, my debut standalone book, Runtime, was released in May, 2016, from Publishing. This is a near-future, adventure-cyberpunk story with layers of social commentary and set in Los Angeles and the High Sierras.

My other three publications last year fall into the Short Story Category.

The shortest, Binaries, appeared in Lightspeed Magazine's special issue, People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction as well as on their website in June, 2016. This slice of science fiction won't take you long to read, but it may not leave you quickly.

The Boy Who Made Flowers is a fantasy/slipstream story published in Mothership Zeta, Issue 4, in July 2016. It also appeared on BoingBoing. 

Another flash piece, Gaps of Joy, and a Knot for Love, appeared in Podcastle in October, 2016. This is a magical realism story set in my family's home state of Tamil Nadu.

I consider the ability to nominate and vote for awards to be a privilege, and I'm grateful for the excellent stories that the Hugos and Nebulas bring to my attention. If you are reading for awards consideration, please accept my thanks for your time and effort.