Relief Efforts for Worldwide Weather-Based Disasters

Right now, three areas of the world are suffering from major natural disasters due to weather (rain in all cases). If you'd like to contribute, donating money is the best, most effective way to make sure people get the help that they need.

Sierra Leone: mudslides and flooding on August 14, 2017, destroyed parts of Freetown (the capital) and left over 1000 people dead. 

India, Bangladesh, Nepal: in an area prone to heavy rains, this year has brought unusual amounts of water and flooding. Over 1200 people have died. Nearly one third of Bangladesh is under water.

Texas: Hurricane Harvey is lining up to be the worst hurricane to hit the USA since Katrina in 2004. It's likely to get the most in way of support from someone who might read this post, but it's also going to be the most costly in the way of repairs.

You can donate to disaster relief efforts in all three locations via these charities and NGOs: 

Plan International - Global Disaster Fund

Save the Children - Global Action Fund

Red Cross - Disaster Relief