Escape Pod is a Finalist for the Hugo Award

I am incredibly thrilled to share the news that Escape Pod is a finalist for the 2018 Hugo Awards in the category of Best Semiprozine!

Read the full list of finalists here:


Of course, I wouldn't be here with many helping hands along the way, most of all, my awesome co-editor Mur Lafferty and our tireless assistant editor, Benjamin C. Kinney, as well as all of our other staff and Escape Artists' owners.

My journey here has taken three years, not a particularly long or winding road, but I wouldn't have started on it without an invitation from Rachael Jones and Nathaniel Lee. They brought me in as a slush reader (more officially, an associate editor) back in 2015. I wondered how I'd make time for it, but I knew it would be an invaluable experience. About a year later, Nathan was ready to take a break from assistant editor, and Norm Sherman was kind enough to offer me the job. Again, I wondered how'd I'd make time for it, but I also felt ready and eager to take on the work. I couldn't refuse! And then in 2017, after five years of making Escape Pod the best it could be, Norm stepped away, and I took his place alongside Mur, who has been the best co-pilot I could ask for.

Without the support of Rachael, Nathan, and Norm, I wouldn't be here, and I'll be forever grateful to the three of them for giving me the opportunity to be part of Escape Pod.