An Eventful First Quarter of 2019

I've had an eventful first quarter this year, including a couple of interviews, a new short story in Analog Magazine, reprints, translations, and my first time at WonderCon in Anaheim, CA. I'm also please to say that Contingency Plans for the Apocalypse appeared on the Locus Poll for Best Short Story in 2018. If you enjoyed it, please cast your vote!

New Releases


A brand new short story, "Soft We Wake," appeared in Analog Magazine's Jan/Feb 2019 issue. They don't have a version online, but you can find it on my Curious Fictions page here: Soft We Wake . You can also read Analog's interview with me here: Q&A with S.B. Divya, where you can find out about the story behind the story as well as my writing origins.

I'm proud to have a reprint of "Looking Up," in the Gollancz Book of South Asian Science Fiction. It's described as, "A must-have collectible, The Gollancz Book of South Asian Science Fiction offers fresh perspectives on our hyper-global, often alienating and always paranoid world, in which humanity and love may yet triumph."

And last but not least, I'm pleased to announce that Runtime is now available in Italian from Future Fiction publications, translated by Fiorella Moscatello, with a shiny new cover. If you have friends in Italy, please spread the word!


In January, I joined Blaft Press and Tamilmagan at the Higginbotham's Writers Cafe for a lively discussion of science fiction in Tamil Nadu and beyond. You can find the audio in 4 parts here: Blaft Press Event.

I also appeared on the podcast, Androids & Assets, to discuss economics and immigration in science fiction.

Last weekend, I was at WonderCon, a spin-off from San Diego Comic Con, where I had a great panel about technology, emotions, and science fiction with Cory Doctorow, J. Dianne Dotson, and Maura Milan, hosted by Maryelizbeth Yturralde of Mysterious Galaxy bookstore. An audience member recorded the whole panel and posted it here on YouTube.

Next month, I'll be a the Nebula Conference in Woodland Hills, CA, which is a small professional gathering but also one of my favorites. If you're in Southern California, come by the mass autographing (free) to meet some great science fiction and fantasy authors!