Fantasy Flesh

No, not that kind of fantasy. I'm taking about the medieval fantasy fiction genre, and more specifically, as it applies to video games. How is it that in 2015 - after everything that's been written and said about the treatment of women in video games - we still end up with advertising images like this: 

Join me in a round of, "What's wrong with this picture." Here are some hints.

A. Who is not wearing a helmet?

B. Who is baring some seriously vulnerable organs (heart & lungs) as well as the throat?

C. Who isn't looking straight at you with a Stare of Doom?

Look, I'm glad that society is embracing the strong warrior woman. I love that women are free to explore and express their sexuality, and I believe they have every right to do so (and not fear for their safety - but that's a whole other topic).


Why are we still fighting to be depicted in games (and movies) as warrior women who aren't sexy? The two don't have to go together. They are not related. At all. 

Has GamerGate taught the video game industry nothing? It's not always about the sexy sex! Maybe it is for some guys and girls, but a sizable portion of game players - of all genders - would like this to please stop. It's bad enough to have your game character in metal bikinis because of the awesome stats. At least let the advertising have some realism and uniform appeal.

Or, if you must sell with sex, let that hot rogue on the right show us some skin, too.